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Generating Intake Forms

If there is missing information on a client’s profile, you can generate the intake form and have them complete it in person or before they come in for their appointment. 

Here’s how:

  1. Open a client profile
  2. Select Generate Intake Form link  unnamed_-_2021-11-16T163033.639.png
  3. Choose the desired form from the drop-down menu 16862989-24ee34847f500da1a33fb3141afd3299.png
  4. Select the Generate button to open the form in another tab or the Send drop-down menu that will allow you to send it via email, Communicator, or get a shareable link.  unnamed_-_2021-11-16T163424.072.png

Intake Form Generated in Browser


Intake Form Sent via Communicator


Intake Form Sent via email

If you select the option to send via email, you will be redirected to the Campaigns tab where you can edit the template before sending it. unnamed_-_2021-11-16T163617.475.png

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