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Adding Pets

For pet businesses, you can add as many pets as you'd like to a client record from the Clients tab.

  1. Navigate to Clients
  2. Search for the desired client 
  3. Open the profile
  4. In the top right, select the +Add Pet button 18477985-0ec3d7d1884538c33e6f52e9674ad431.png
  5. Enter as much information about the pet as necessary, pet name is mandatory. 18478158-21ef3b533c402fdf97ff5b11d10fa14f.png
  6. Save your changes 

The pet will now be displayed on the primary client's profile.


To add additional pets:

  1. Expand the "All Pets" menu in the top right 18478284-dceb0b233e0e28b5d8ae0c36aa07f441.png
  2. Click on the "New Pet" option  18478328-2ce6b1085518baa212ab546f35500000.png
  3. Enter as much information about the pet as necessary
  4. Save

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