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Importing Clients via Spreadsheet

You can easily upload a CSV of your existing customer information into MyTime. This can be done by:

  1. Navigating to the Clients tab
  2. Select the ‘Manage Clients’ drop-down menu > Import Clients  unnamed_-_2021-11-12T100801.395.png
  3. The screen below will appear. Select Download template  unnamed_-_2021-11-12T100835.663.png
  4. Open the excel spreadsheet and enter your client information into the columns. If you try to import a CSV file that is not the MyTime client import template, your client data will not import properly.
  5. When you are finished entering your clients' information into the MyTime Client Spreadsheet, make sure to save the excel file.
  6. Next, return to the Import section and select “Upload” unnamed_-_2021-11-12T100912.731.png
  7. When your file is uploaded, select Import unnamed_-_2021-11-12T100918.404.png

Your clients will now appear in your Clients tab in MyTime. If you have a long clients list, it may take a few minutes to upload. If there were any issues with the import, you should receive an email letting you know what the errors or issues were and which items on the sheet the errors applied to.

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