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Payment Preference

For appointments coming through MyTime, you can choose to accept payments in person, online or allow the customers to decide!

To adjust your payment settings:

  1. Select your business name in the upper right-hand corner
  2. Select Business Setup
  3. Select Payments & Deposits  

From here, you can choose your payment preferences. If you choose to accept online payment through MyTime, you must speak with a member of our Processing Team to have your merchant account set up. If this is not done, we can't pay you! Contact our Processing Team at processing@mytime.com. unnamed_-_2021-11-11T115536.447.png

If you accept payments through MyTime:

  1. The customer will enter their credit card information when they book. We will place a hold on their card for the price of the service, and their card will be charged after the appointment takes place.
  2.  If you allow tipping through MyTime, the hold will become authorized approximately 2 hours after the appointment is completed. We'll then deposit the money into your bank account 1-2 business days after the appointment.

If you choose to collect payments directly from the customer, they will pay you at the time of the appointment.

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