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Payment Preference

For appointments coming through MyTime, you can choose to accept payments in person, online or allow the customers to decide!

Things to know:

  • If you choose to accept online payment through MyTime, you must speak with a member of our Processing Team at processing@mytime.com to have your merchant account set up. 
  • If your payment preference is set to "No, only take payments in person" but your calendar setting is set to "require a credit card to schedule appointments" OR there is a cancellation fee in effect, the client will be required to enter a credit card online.

To adjust your payment settings:

  1. Navigate to Business Setup
  2. Select Payments & Deposits   
  3. From here, you can choose your payment preferences unnamed_-_2021-11-11T115536.447.png

If you accept payments through MyTime:

  1. The customer will enter their credit card information when they book. We will place a hold on their card for the price of the service/class, and their card will be charged 2 hours after the appointment/class session takes place.
  2.  If you allow tipping through MyTime, the hold will become authorized approximately 2 hours after the appointment is completed. We'll then deposit the money into your bank account 1-2 business days after the appointment. 

If you choose to collect payments directly from the client, they will pay you in-store.

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