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Adding Attendees to Classes/Events

When a class is created, you can add clients to the session from the roster. To access the roster:

  1. Navigate to your schedule
  2. Locate the class/event on the schedule 
  3. Click on the class/event
  4. Select the View Attendees button16528879-88b7947404cd7eb0aba3860c42de51b0.png
  5. When the roster opens, click on Add Attendee 16528949-345b58c4e029dd41bcc95f7c3bb6c569.png
  6. You can search for an existing client using the search field or add a new client using the icon on the right-hand side.                       16528989-cc4501ea66b30cbf5d29a17e0b344e07.png
  7. Next, select the Add button 
  8. The client will then be successfully added to the class/event session 16529035-4dffbcce496c1b76eab624f5441251ec.png
  9. Use the following buttons to perform an action on the roster  16529148-d35d203cf0f2bd6939e518859f653c7f.png
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