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Add/Edit Appointment Notes

Our Notes tab on the appointment modal allows you to view or edit inline each note type. You can even attach images as part of your notes!

Type of Notes

  • Client Notes are part of the client record 
  • Appointment Notes are specific notes from or about this particular appointment. Clients can enter appointment notes when they book online during the checkout process.
  • Pet Notes are a part of the pet record.

You’ll also see an audit trail of actions about the appointment so you know who made any changes and when.

To add a note to an appointment simply:

  1. Locate the appointment you wish to add a note on
  2. Click on the appointment
  3. Select the Notes tab            unnamed_-_2021-11-10T145958.553.png
  4. Here you will see all the notes that were added. If no note was added, you can add your own. The timestamp also displays the name of the user who made adjustments to the notes. This is updated for each edit that was made.    unnamed_-_2021-11-10T150005.142.png

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