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Appointment Statuses

You can change an appointment status at any time to reflect its current state. You cannot change the status of a future appointment to Checked In, No-Show, or Complete.

In this article we will look at the following:

Appointment Statuses 

The various appointment statuses are:

  • Pending - Appointment was requested online by the client but you have not yet accepted it. This is the case if the account setting is set to “Keep online bookings in a 'pending state' until you manually approve them”.
  • Booked - Appointment was booked online by client and automatically accepted, merchant accepted a pending appointment, or the appointment was booked by the staff directly in Scheduler.
  • Confirmed - Client confirmed their own appointment via email or SMS or the staff manually changed the status of the appointment to confirmed.
  • Check In - When the client shows up for their appointment, you can change the status in Scheduler to checked-in.
  • Check Out - When the appointment is complete, you can change the status to checked-out. This can be a good indication of how long it took the staff member to service the client since the time they check-in/out is recorded on the appointment. Similarly, many pet and auto businesses use this option to indicate that the pet or vehicle is in the possession of the business, regardless of whether the actual service has started or ended. Please note that when "Checked Out" is selected, the appointment status will revert to "Booked". 
  • Complete - Indicates that the appointment is completed. For completed status it can be updated automatically or manually based on the account settings:
    • Automatically, based on service duration - When the appointment duration has passed, the appointment status will automatically change to completed.
    • Automatically, when the ticket is closed - Once a ticket is closed, the appointment status will automatically change to completed.
      • Update duration when the appointment is auto-completed - If this setting is turned on, the appointment end time will be updated when the ticket is closed.
      • Do Not Update Duration When Completing Appointments Via Appointment Modal - If this setting is enabled, the appointment end time will NOT be updated when the appointment is completed automatically or manually
    • Manually, by updating status - Appointment status will not be updated to complete status automatically.                         unnamed_-_2021-11-10T115250.656.png
  • No-Show - Indicates that the client did not show up for their appointment. 
  • Return to  Waiting - The client was moved from the waitlist to in service and you want to add them back to the waitlist.

Changing an Appointment Status 

To change an appointment status:

  1. Locate the appointment you wish to update
  2. Click on the appointment
  3. Select the dropdown menu at the top left of the appointment modal  unnamed_-_2021-11-10T121520.323.png
  4. Choose the desired status  unnamed_-_2021-11-10T121547.114.png
  5. Save the appointment

If you change the status of an appointment by accident, you can easily change the status back to the previous status. For example:

  • Confirmed can be changed to Unconfirm                                                            unnamed_-_2021-11-10T121630.925.png
  • Checked-in can be changed to Uncheck-In


  • No-Show can be changed to Showed Up 



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