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Appointment Icons

There are various icons you'll encounter on the schedule and appointment modal to indicate key appointment information. See below the list of icons:

Icon Description

The appointment was confirmed by the client or staff   

unnamed_-_2021-11-10T122455.734.png The appointment is marked as a no-show     
unnamed_-_2021-11-10T122549.082.png The appointment is checked in   
unnamed_-_2021-11-10T122654.513.png The appointment was booked online             
unnamed_-_2021-11-10T123132.572.png The appointment is recurring  
unnamed_-_2021-11-10T123156.533.png The staff member was requested
unnamed_-_2021-11-10T123220.390.png The appointment was paid  
unnamed_-_2021-11-10T123302.049.png The appointment is in membership/package
unnamed_-_2021-11-10T123238.778.png The appointment is for a new client 
unnamed_-_2021-11-10T122149.649.png The appointment has a note attached           
16513806-d412e3f8bba24da5f361aec5862b7815.png Multi-staff appointment 
Schedule-MyTime__12_.png Deposit was collected for service
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