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Scheduling Multi-Staff Appointments

The multi-staff appointments feature allows you to have different staff members in a single multi-service appointment. You can choose which staff member should perform each service from the appointment modal, which has a staff selector associated with each service and add-on. Likewise, your clients can choose a different staff member for each service when booking online.  

To schedule a multi-staff appointment:

  1. Navigate to your schedule
  2. Click on an open time slot of a service provider OR select the + New Appointment button from the sidebar                   unnamed_-_2021-11-09T154841.881.png
  3. The appointment modal will open unnamed_-_2021-11-09T154947.959.png
  4. Here you can fill in the necessary details for the appointment
    • Client - You can search for an existing client using the search field or add a new client using the icon on the right-hand side.
    • Appointment Date and time
    • Service
    • Staff                         
  5. Next, select the +Service icon to add an additional service  unnamed_-_2021-11-09T155138.056.png
  6. The option will appear where you can select another staff member and service unnamed_-_2021-11-09T155405.227.png
  7. In this example, we selected Tina as the other staff member and Men's Cut as the service. The first service's end time will be the second service's start time. The start time for the second service cannot be adjusted unless it is unlocked. unnamed_-_2021-11-09T155715.777.png

  8. Once you are satisfied, save your changes 

The following will take place after the appointment is saved:

  • On the schedule, each service will be displayed under the respective staff member's name 
  • An icon will be displayed on each appointment tile unnamed_-_2021-11-09T155827.249.png
  • Hovering over a single multi-staff appointment will display all the services and start times on that appointment                 unnamed_-_2021-11-09T155849.331.png

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