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Creating Blockages

The block off time option can be used to set blockages, such as a lunch break, etc. You can set a recurring blockage as well as choose which color the blockage should be displayed on your schedule.

To set a blockage:

  1. Navigate to the schedule 
  2. Click on the ‘New Appointment’ button below the calendar on the left-hand side of the Schedule or on a specific time slot directly in the schedule   unnamed_-_2021-11-09T123412.917.png
  3. Select the Block Off Time tab unnamed_-_2021-11-09T123851.911.png
  4. The Add Block time screen appears where you can do the following: 
    • Add a title such as Lunch, Doctor’s Appointment, Break, etc
    • Start and end time  - Duration of the blockage 
    • Frequency - Daily, weekly or monthly
    • Set the color of the blockage unnamed_-_2021-11-09T123927.846.png
  5. Save your changes

The saved blockage will appear on your schedule.

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