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Clock In and Clock Out

In the scheduler, you have the ability to clock in and clock out at any time. Please note that this is location-specific if you are assigned to multiple locations, it is important to pay attention to the location selected when you are clocking in. 

To clock in: 

  1. Using your staff member username, log into MyTime
  2. Navigate to the schedule 
  3. Filter by Day View or Agenda View 16438793-35e2c396695bd1971d0c58f970be9a73__1_.png
  4. Select your name on the bar above the calendar 16434629-643ad66626c0b9983b3674fa8afd08a9.png
  5. Select Clock In next to the work type 16434609-e76d29bb62d187dbbebfd0ab06517a4f.png
  6. Once clocked in, the icon will turn green 16434647-3af12a74517fa6fbf66df6d36c1f4cb0__1_.png

The same steps can be used to clock out.

You can also clock in and out on the Scheduler app by:

  1. Using your staff member username, log into the MyTime app
  2. Select the More tab at the bottom right of the screen           unnamed_-_2021-11-09T120850.196.png
  3. Select the Account tab                                                            unnamed_-_2021-11-09T120930.016.png
  4. Next, select the Clock In button                                              unnamed_-_2021-11-09T121035.647.png
  5. Then choose the desired work type                                          unnamed_-_2021-11-09T121040.810.png
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