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Filter between staff members and locations (where applicable)

In this article, we will explore how to filter by staff members and locations on your schedule.

Location Filter 

If your account has multiple locations, you will be able to view and filter your schedule by location.

Things to know:

  • You can only view 1 location at any given time.
  • If you have created location nicknames on the business profile page, the location nicknames will be displayed in the location filter 

To view a specific location:

  1. Navigate to the Schedule
  2. Select the location you wish to view from the location drop-down menu 16369326-6e455d33f66c8de4fe220273d8178bf8__1_.png

Staff Filter

You can easily view your schedule to only show the staff working for a particular day or a specific staff schedule at any given time. To do this:

  1. Navigate to the Schedule
  2. Select the staff filter in the top right from your schedule to modify which staff are visible 16368695-e49e8f92e654ab98b19aa285eb8b50fb.png

Working Staff Filter

The Working Staff option displays only service providers who are scheduled to work that day and staff who have appointments that day (even if they are not scheduled to work). It enables staff members to quickly deselect one or two staff members who they do not need to see on a regular basis. When a user deselects a working staff member or selects a staff member who is not scheduled to work, the working staff filter is unchecked.  

To filter by Working Staff members:

  1. Navigate to Schedule
  2. Expand the staff filter
  3. Select Working Staff from the menu  16368988-c149a4a4e79a90dd2e5e8352de327038.png

Clocked-in Staff Filter 

You can filter staff on the schedule by "Clocked-in Staff." The filter displays service providers who are currently clocked in. The Clocked In Staff filter is available to any business with the setting "Do staff members need to clock in/out?" enabled. You can review this setting by going to Business Setup > Settings > Staff > "Do staff members need to clock in/out?". 

To filter by Clocked In Staff members:

  1. Navigate to Schedule
  2. Expand the staff filter
  3. Select Clock-In Staff from the menu 16369177-5f31c4e55b911030d0546f150d6826ba.png


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