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Creating Classes/Events

In MyTime, a class is a service that an instructor provides to many attendees at once. The class can be offered at a physical location or virtually. 

To create a class/event:

  1. Navigate to Business Setup > Classes 16261475-c2c15ff0625fe01ade79389c2c80c40a.png
  2. Select the desired location in the location filter
  3. Click on the Add New Class Category link 16261519-bb1fad3312b994b04cdc34de3515308c.png
  4. Add a category name and save  16261550-cb178c8342e75f025922305c7f6f5f69.png
  5. Select +Add Another Class link 16261563-17c9d4dc0efe27d11242e5cfa55db48d.png
  6. Here you will be able to add:
    • Class Name - The name of the class. 

    • Class Category - Category associated with the class. Select from the existing categories

    • Description - Any specific details you would like to add about the class

    • What to Bring - Items needed for the session. This field is optional. 

    • Locations - Location associated with the class

    • Duration - How long is the class session?

    • Eligible Instructors - Staff members that can conduct the class session

    • Eligible Resources - Resources required for the class session 

    • Attendee Type
      • Limit - The maximum number of attendees that can be accommodated 
      • Price - The amount the client will pay to attend the class session 
    • Online Booking Settings - You can specify a time range during which booking is allowed, relative to the time of the event. Bookings either too early or too late will not be allowed.
    • Members Only - Any active membership is required to book such a spot. This is enforced both on the booking widget, and the merchant-side roster page (non-members will not show up in the client search for a member-only spot).
    • Cancellation Policy - You enforce a cancellation fee if a customer fails to cancel their session within a predesignated window. If enabled, you can also charge a cancellation fee.  16261631-fee9f967575d280ee9f2f2aec2e41734.png

Once all the relevant information is entered, select the Save button at the bottom right of the page.

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