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Cancellation Policy Settings

MyTime allows you to enforce cancellation fees if a customer fails to cancel within a predesignated window. Cancellation policies for classes and events can be set up on the individual classes/event. To edit these, go to Class Setup and choose a class. In this article, we will look at the meaning of each option under the Cancellation Policy section on the Settings page.

Settings Description

How far in advance must clients cancel their appointment?


Select the cancellation window in hours or days. This is the number of hours or days before an appointment starts that clients can cancel their booking. If you don’t want customers to be able to cancel online, select never from the list. 

If a client fails to cancel an appointment in advance, should MyTime charge them?


 If enabled, MyTime will require a credit card to hold appointments and enforce a cancellation policy. You can still choose to accept online payments or require payments in person. 

  • Charge client the full amount for their appointment
  • Charge a percentage of the appointment value: %
  •  Charge a flat fee: $

Activate Cancellation Reasons Dropdown


If enabled, you can require cancellation reasons for appointment cancellations. This setting only applies to appointments canceled by your staff members. When canceling appointments on your schedule or removing clients from the waitlist, staff members will be prompted to select a cancellation reason. The cancellation reason will be shown in the Cancellation Report. You can use the +Add link to add the reasons. 

Learn more about cancellation reasons here.

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