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POS Settings

In this article, we will look at the meaning of each setting under the POS section on the Settings page.



Allow Purchasing And Using Packages And Memberships On The Same Ticket


This setting controls the ability to purchase and use any package or membership on the same ticket. Learn more here

Enable gift card purchase


Once enabled, your business will be able to sell gift cards in POS. Learn more about selling gift cards here
Enable gift card expiration mceclip1.png This setting is controlled at the parent level and once enabled, it cannot be disabled. This setting allows you to have your gift cards expire and set gift card expiration time. Learn more here
Enable Refund to Gift Card
This setting allows you to enable the option to refund any transaction to gift cards. 

Choose Payment Methods


You can decide the payment methods that will be displayed in POS. Learn more about hiding payment methods here.

Activate Refund Reasons Dropdown


If enabled, you will be able to add as many refund reasons as you desire. The reasons added will be displayed in a list to choose from when processing a refund in POS.

Require Open Register to Take Payment


If enabled, you won’t be able to take payment for a ticket unless a register is currently open. This will help reduce human errors and improve the register Closeout Report.

Always default "Save Card on File" checkbox in credit card dialogs to unchecked mceclip0.png

If enabled, the checkbox will default to unchecked unless a membership is being purchased. If set to NO, the checkbox will default to checked if it was checked the previous time, otherwise, it will be unchecked

Automatically Close Ticket When Full Payment Is Taken By Credit Card


If enabled, a ticket will automatically close if full payment is processed by a credit card. 

Allow Returns Without Receipt


If enabled, you will be able to process a return of a product even without a closed ticket. Learn more here.

Do not show the total row on Closed Tickets report

If enabled, the total row on the Closed Tickets report will be removed. 

Ignore AVS response for key-in/card not present transactions

AVS is an abbreviation for Address Verification System that is used to validate that the billing address provided by a client during debit and credit card transactions matches the billing address on file for the card. This setting is set to "YES" by default, which means AVS is ignored for key-in/card-not-present transactions. To enable the AVS check and make it active for key-in/card-not-present transactions, users should change the setting to "NO." If the zip code that is entered does not match the zip code on file with the bank, the transaction will be declined. 

Activate VAT for pricing


If enabled, it configures the account to use VAT. 

Default Tax ID number


If this field is filled in, a tax registration number will be added to printed receipts. This should be left blank if you do not want this number to be printed on receipts.

Apply Membership Value Credits 


When memberships are taxed, you can select “before tax” to apply the membership value credit to the ticket before the sales tax is calculated in order to avoid double taxation. If "Before Tax" is selected then an additional input will be displayed to select the location for this setting: mceclip3.png
Allow exporting inventory for all locations in ingest data format If enabled, on the inventory page, you will see export/migrate as the options, and selecting export will export all inventory for all locations into a zip file. Files exported can only be imported via Ingest Data. Importing via the inventory page will not be available. Learn more here

Activate Inventory Reasons Dropdown


If enabled, you will be able to add as many inventory returns or adjustment reasons as you so desire. The reasons added will be displayed in a list to choose from when processing an inventory adjustment. Existing inventory reasons can be deleted but not edited. For more information, please see here.

Allow Updating Cost of PO After Submission


If enabled, it allows users with access permissions to edit purchase orders to change the cost up to 45 days after the PO was submitted.  

Send Purchase Order to Vendors via FTP Instead of Email mceclip4.png

This setting allows you to specify if a vendor is FTP enabled. When toggled to "Yes", you will get to add your host, port, username, and password. `

Allow refunding packages even after they have been used


If enabled, you will be able to refund packages even after it has been partially or fully used. 

Use computer generated sounds for barcode scans

If enabled, when scanning barcodes, "success" and "fail" sounds are played from the computer's system audio. When the barcode is read, there is a "success" sound; if not, there is a "fail" beep.
Payment Terminal Management mceclip6.png

This setting allows you to add your payment terminals and choose the location for your terminals. 

Enable Line Item Display on Ingenico Terminals mceclip7.png

Items added to POS tickets can now be shown to customers on the display screen of Ingenico credit card terminals.

The setting is only available on Ingenico terminals that use MyTime Pay. You can see the full list of supported hardware at https://mytime.com/hardware.

Display Waiver on Terminal Screen Before Requesting Client Signature

This setting allows you the ability to display waiver terms and conditions and request signatures on our Ingenico Lane/8000, Lane/7000, and Move/5000 credit card terminals. Learn more here

Show Client Phone Number On Printed Receipt

This setting allows you to have your client's phone number visible on printed receipts. 

POS receipt footer messagemceclip5.png


You have the ability to customize the information shown on your printed receipts. The information can be edited as many times as you'd like. Learn more here.



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