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Calendar Settings

In this article, we will look at the meaning of each setting under the Calendar section on the Settings page.



Take Appointments


This setting determines whether your business takes appointments or walk-ins only.  

Schedule Classes / Events


This setting allows classes or events to be created and scheduled. Learn more here

Multi-Staff Appointments 


This setting allows different staff members to be assigned to each service within one appointment. Once enabled, it cannot be disabled. Learn more here

Disconnect services by default


If services are disconnected. they can be moved independently from each other. Learn more here

Allow clients to be added to the waitlist?


If enabled, the Waitlist feature will be visible on the schedule. Learn more here

Make waitlist same-day only?


When enabled, we will look at the working hours to determine both the next available employee and the estimated wait time. If there aren't any slots available for the rest of the day, it returns N/A for the estimated wait time.
Waitlist maximum


You can limit how long the waitlist can expand, i.e., if the wait time exceeds x hours, clients cannot be added to the list. The minimum and maximum values allowed are 0.5 hours (30 minutes) and 24 hours, respectively. Learn more here 

Display waitlist appointments on Day View?


Any client that is added to the waitlist will be shown as a striped block on the selected staff member’s schedule for the next available appointment slot. This will minimize the possibility of accidentally scheduling new appointments in front of clients who are waiting. Learn more here

Enable Split View


Split view displays your waitlist on the same screen as a list of in-service appointments so you can see the state of your store at a glance. This view is designed primarily for walk-in businesses. Learn more here

Color Code Appointments Automatically


Appointments can be color-coded in three different ways: by appointment status, by staff member, or by service variation. Learn more here.

Change Status to Completed:


Automatically, based on service duration - The appointment status will automatically update once the service duration has passed.

Automatically, when ticket is closed - The appointment status will automatically update once a ticket is closed. 

Manually, by updating status - The appointment status will not update until you manually adjust it.

Do Not Update Duration When Completing Appointments Via Appointment Modal

If this setting is enabled, the appointment end time will NOT be updated when the appointment is completed automatically or manually

Display appointment count in Calendar: mceclip1.png

This setting allows you to track appointments and available booking slots per staff member and will display the count on the scheduler. Once toggled to "Yes" you will have the option to select what status should be displayed. Learn more here

Enable Filtering Appointments That Are Being Checked Out Today

This setting allows you to filter out appointments on Day View & Agenda View to only display those who are checking out on that day. 

Automatically Calculate Price Based on Start and End Date of Appointment

This setting allows you to specify a start and end date for a service and have the price calculated dynamically. Learn more here

Update duration when appointment is auto completed


This setting is only visible if appointments are set to be automatically completed when a ticket is closed. When enabled, the appointment end time will be updated when the ticket is closed. For example, if the appointment time is set to 10:00 am - 11:00 am and the ticket was closed at 10:45 am. The appointment duration will be updated to end at 10:45 am.  

Allow "Client Quick-Add"


Quick Add allows you to create a client from the new appointment modal with just client's name, email, and phone number.  

Require Mandatory Client Fields To Be Completed Before Checkout


All required fields will need to be completed before the ticket can be printed and an appointment can be checked out. 

Permit Walk-ins Without Client Records


Allows booking appointments for walk-ins without specifying a client. 

Allow Redo Appointments



Redo Appointments are services performed at no charge to the client. Once enabled, the redo button will only appear on completed appointments. Learn more here

Should Original Staff Member Receive Service Commissions On Redos? 


If disabled, when a redo is done the commission for the original service will be deducted. So if John has an appointment with 3 services from which 1 service was redone by Mary, John will get commission only for the 2 services and Mary will get a commission for the redo service. 

If enabled when a redo is done, the revenue and commission for the original service will not be affected. For instance, if John has an appointment with 3 services from which 1 service was redone by Mary, John will get commission for all 3 services for the original appointment and Mary will get commission for the redone service.

Store Client Credit Cards?


Storing Client's Credit Card on the Booking Widget - Learn more here  


Storing Client's Credit Card In-Store - Learn more here

Require a description when booking a class


 If enabled, a class cannot be scheduled without a description. 

Show Appointment Start Button


If enabled, a “Start Service” button will appear on the appointment modal. The button will only be seen for same-day appointments and is not shown on completed appointments. Learn more here 

Enable Option To Check-in Client at Appointment Creation 

This setting allows you to create and check in appointments at the same time. 

Prerequisite Services mceclip2.png

This setting allows you to require your clients to book particular services that must be completed before the client can receive a specific service. Learn more here

Has employee intake forms

This setting allows you to configure employee intake forms on appointment modals to be completed by your staff members. 

Employee intake form label

This setting allows you to customize the name of the employee intake form. 




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