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Creating Services

From the Services menu, you can add services or create custom services that are unique to your business. Your service menu consists of Service Categories, and each category contains Serice Variations.

  • Service Category - The overarching service type (Haircut)
  • Service Variation- The specific service you offer (Men's Haircut)


Adding Service Categories

You must add service categories before creating services. To add a new service category:

  1. Click on + Add New Service Category at the bottom left of the screen unnamed__39_.png
  2. Select your business category, then place a checkmark by service categories you'd like to add. If none of the categories match your service, you can create a custom category by typing it in the box at the bottom. Note: For SEO optimization, we recommend selecting an existing service category when possible.  unnamed__40_.png
  3. When you are finished, select Next 

Adding Service Variations

Once your service categories are added, you are now ready to add service variations.

1. Select Setup on a service category you created. A modal will appear where you can enter the service details.

  • Service Name - Create your own custom name for the service.
  • Duration - How long the appointment lasts. Service duration can vary by staff member, location, by title, or location group. Learn more here. You can decide which option you prefer on your settings page. If you have split-time appointments with service times and processing times, click Advanced.
    • Buffer Time - Any time needed in between appointments. It is only allowed at the end of the appointment and is not shown to your clients. Learn more here
    • Processing Time - Any free time during an appointment. This is where the client is waiting, but you are not actively working on them. The scheduler recognizes this time as bookable. Learn more here
  • Regular Price - Enter your regular pricing. Service prices can vary by staff member, location, title, or location group. Learn more here. If your prices vary for a service, enter a base price and then select Price Varies. The pricing field cannot be blank - if you do not want to display a price, enter zero and select Price Varies. The service will then display Price Varies (it won't list $0) - see the example below
  • Off-Peak Price - This is an optional sale tool to help you fill slow times. Off-peak pricing is a discounted service price at certain times of the day. This encourages consumers to book appointments during slow times. The discount is only valid for online bookings. Existing appointments are not eligible for the discount. 
  • Price and Duration by Pet Breed - Pet businesses can set different prices and service durations for different pet breeds. Learn more here


When you are finished entering service details click save. This service will now appear in your service menu.

To add another service to a service category, select + Add another service and repeat the process.

For more information contact us at support@mytime.com.            

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