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Bookings per Time Slot

Bookings Per Time Slot refers to the capacity of a staff member, i.e. how many appointments can you accommodate at a time. 

Things to know:

  • Bookings per time slot only applies to services/classes
  • If there is a blockage on your schedule, that time slot will not be bookable regardless of the bookings per time slot settings.

To set bookings per time slot for a staff member:

  1. Navigating to Business Setup > Staff & Availability 15760430-96d6026fd12b829ffb5a527843378981.png
  2. Select your staff profile 
  3. Scroll down to the Bookings section, you will see a field called Bookings Per Time Slot 
  4. Click the dropdown arrow, and select the maximum number of appointments you can take at a time.                             unnamed__22_.png
  5. Once you have made your changes, don’t forget to save
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