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Adding/Editing Locations & Location Groups

In this article, you'll learn how to add and edit locations and location groups. To access the Business Profile,  navigate to Business Setup > Business Profile.


Adding a Location

You can create a business location where customers come to you, a mobile business where you go to them, or both. 


When adding a mobile location, choose “Customers travel to me” or "Customers travel to me AND I travel to them" and set the radius in which you're willing to travel from that address.

To edit your address, click Edit next to your location. To add a new location select the Add Location button.                                                                  unnamed_-_2021-11-05T160921.125.png

From here you can update some of the location’s information, including:

  • Location Nickname
  • Store ID
  • Entity ID
  • Address - 
  • Location phone number - 
  • Location email address - 
  • How should we notify you of online bookings? - 
  • Notify staff members about bookings made on Scheduler? - 
  • Require staff members to take meal breaks? - 
  • Parking information - 
  • Business Hours - You will be able to set the business hours per location on the Business Info page. This way we will be showing the actual hours that are set per location and not a combination of the working hours of all the employees working at the location. This will NOT impact your online booking availability, which is still determined by staff member availability. The business hours you set on the Business Profile page will simply be included in the data we send to third-party publishers through our integrated Listing Manager feature (if enabled). 


To edit your address, click Edit next to your location. To add a new location select the Add Location button.

The "Show locations in dropdowns on MyTime sorted in the order of Location Nicknames" checkbox changes the sort order of locations in some areas. By default, the sort order is state> city> nickname> street address> zip code>. When checked, the sort order changes to state> nickname> street address> zip code>. Areas Affected:

  • Scheduler
  • Clients
  • POS - New Ticket, Unsettled Transactions, Open Tickets, Closed Tickets, and Registers


Adding Location Groups

To add a location group:

  1. Select the Create Location Group button  unnamed_-_2021-11-05T161213.072.png
  2. Add the group name
  3. Select the locations you want to add to the group from the location dropdown menu unnamed_-_2021-11-05T161216.449.png
  4. Save

Adding Event Locations

If the classes feature is enabled on your account, you will have the ability to create event locations. Event locations are out-of-store locations that can be used to host class events, they are not related in any way to store locations. For example, the store location is 10 West Street but on a specific date, the Yoga Class will be held in a park. 

We use Google Maps and Places API to suggest and validate addresses and display a warning when an address seems to be invalid and we try to avoid having the same nickname for a location with the same city and entirely duplicate addresses. 

To add an event location, simply:

  1. Scroll down to the Event Locations section on the business profile 
  2. Select Add Location                                              unnamed_-_2021-11-05T161318.537.png
  3. From here you can the location’s information, including:
    • Location Nickname
    • Address                            unnamed_-_2021-11-05T161322.300.png
  4. Save your changes  

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