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Transactional vs Marketing Automated Messages

We have dozens of configurable automated email & text messages to engage customers which range from booking notifications, appointment and class reminders, appointment and class confirmations, appointment review requests, rebooking reminders, package and membership purchase notifications, etc. All templates are classified as transactional or marketing. In this article, we will explore both options.  

Transactional Automated Messages are those that are sent automatically to clients who have the Transactional Email or Transactional SMS options checked on their client profile. Single opt-in is used for automated transactional SMS. This means that as long as the client's profile has Transactional SMS checked, they will receive transactional messages such as appointment and class confirmations, request reviews, and so on.

Marketing Automated Messages are those that are sent automatically to clients who have the Marketing Email or Marketing SMS options checked on their client profile. Double opt-in is used for automated marketing SMS. When the Client Marketing SMS Opt-In template is activated, when the client is created with the Marketing SMS checkbox checked on their client profile, a text message will be sent asking the client to confirm that they want to receive SMS marketing.    

Things to know:

  • Clients won't receive any Marketing Automated Message SMS until they reply YES to the confirmation SMS.
  • If the client responds with STOP, UNSTOP, or UNSUBSCRIBE to any text message from you, they will be unsubscribed from SMS Marketing. Learn more about Twilio guidelines here.
  • If the client’s information is edited, the phone number is changed, or the Marketing SMS checkbox is unchecked at any time, then the confirmation process must be started again.
  • Once clients opt in to receive marketing SMS, they will automatically be subscribed to receive transactional SMS

Transactional Automated Messages

Marketing Automated Messages

Booking Notifications - Includes notifications for when an appointment is booked, canceled, rescheduled, price changed, etc.   Rebooking Reminders - Remind clients that they are overdue for an appointment for a specific service within a set time period. All active service categories will be displayed.
Class Notifications - Includes notifications for when a class is booked, canceled, rescheduled, etc. Sales - Flash Sale is used to fill unbooked spots on the scheduler at a reduced price
Upcoming Appointment Reminder - Remind clients of their upcoming appointment Client Engagement - Send anniversary, birthday reminders, etc. 
Appointment Confirmations - Email and SMS appointment confirmations can help to reduce no-shows  
Appointment Review - Ask clients to leave a review after their appointment  
Point of Sale - Receipts sent to clients via email for purchases or payments. Once activated, this email will be sent when the email receipt option is selected in POS.   
Expiration Reminder - Send to clients before the reminder date set for the client has passed. This is based on the expiration reminder custom field created on the Clients tab.  
Memberships - Notify clients who have purchased a membership, clients whose membership is canceled, suspended, paused, etc.   
Packages - Notify clients when they have purchased a package or the package has been fully used   


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