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Mass Opt-in for Marketing SMS

In this article, we'll walk through the steps on how to send a campaign to a list of clients prompting them to opt-in to SMS marketing. 

Things to know:

To get started:

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Automated Messages > Transactional  6450494-ede5d8ad1f85300f94ea0aa3b9f48283.png
  2. From there, open the “Client Marketing SMS Opt-In” template under Client Engagement15610620-f21aaf7eb9fc4b13391a85c180016809.png
  3. Ensure you follow the guidelines noted here when editing the template.6533359-699ea36f3d0798126bdf95b5ff6c7da3.png
  4. After making your changes, save the template then activate it 15623260-0d67caf60d776fe37580c084f7089ee2.png
  5. Next, go to the Campaigns > Templates tab
  6. Hover over the “Marketing SMS opt in” template and select the Send link 15623578-e4f90f8f6b13d78a3dadec28a7e29915.png
  7. Click on the "Next Select Recipients" button at the bottom right of the page 15623817-c39e079d6f34bb2cd7a3d581d1d093a6.png
  8. By default, MyTime will automatically select all clients who have a mobile phone number on file but have not opted-in. Clients who have opted out will not be displayed in the list. 
  9. Once satisfied with your recipient list, click on the Send button 15623905-36f95250367db44a9c20daf60d74b625.png
  10. On the Campaigns Sent tab under the Sent Text Message Campaigns section, you will be able to view the campaign that was sent.  15625067-59bc83f37e36ad5a28597d4d614452b0.png


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