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Creating Purchase Orders

Before you attempt to create a purchase order, please ensure that you have created vendor profiles and assigned products to vendors. You can learn more about vendor profiles here

Things to know:

  • Purchase orders cannot be deleted; however, they can be canceled as long as they are in draft or ordered status
  • You will be able to edit a purchase order's inventory cost up to 14 days after it is submitted if the "Allow Updating Cost of PO After Submission" setting is enabled.  This is tied to the manage PO access control.


  • If access control to product quantity/price/cost is blocked, a '-' will be shown instead of the value.
  • Once a Purchase Order is submitted, it can be exported as a csv, printed or emailed to the vendor.

To create a purchase order:

  1. Navigate to POS > Inventory
  2. Select Purchase Orders from the left panel  unnamed__5_.png
  3. Click Create Purchase Order button in the upper right corner  unnamed__6_.png
  4. Choose a supplier from the Vendor list then select Next unnamed__8_.png
  5. Add products to your purchase order 
    • Option 1 - To add products, expand the product library at the bottom left of the page. Search for a product by using the product name, SKUs or barcode, then select the Product Name. (Important: If you choose Auto Generate PO after searching, it will override your search terms).
      Option 2 - Select Auto Generate - If you auto-generate a purchase order, we compare the max stock quantity to the current stock levels for a given location, and populate a draft order for you.  unnamed__9_.png
  6. Once the products are added, you can:
    • Add a PO ID
    • Invoice ID
    • Select payment method if multiple options were configured
    • Edit the quantity field to the amount you will order from the vendor
    • Edit the price field to the amount you will pay the vendor for the product. This price field does not change the cost saved in inventory.
    • Add a shipping fee - Shipping cost charged by the vendor
    • Add a note 
    • Click the trash icon next to each item to remove it from the purchase order  unnamed__10_.png
  7. You can submit the purchase order or save it as a draft 

Once submitted, you can export it as an excel or a PDF, print it, or email the PO to the vendor.



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