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Consume Inventory Mode on Mobile Apps

On the scheduler mobile apps, your staff members can scan the barcode on items consumed in the store and that amount will be automatically deducted from the back bar. This feature is not available on the web.

Things to know:

  • For iOS devices, it will require iOS 14 and up, and for Android devices, it requires Android 5.0 and up. 
  • The consume inventory feature is tied to the Accessing Inventory Details access control. It needs to be set to edit. 
  • If the barcode scanner is unable to find an existing product for a specific barcode, the "Can't find product with barcode #" message will be displayed. 
  • Each time you hear the beeping sound, the product is scanned and deducted. This will continue until the camera is no longer pointed at the barcode. 

Here is how you can access the consume mode feature:

1. Login on the MyTime app on your iOS or Android devices  

2. Select the More tab at the bottom right of your screen 


3. Next, select Inventory from the menu options 


4. Click on show more (3 vertical dots) at the top right of the page  14558617-cd7d5141f06b0529c0a4dc31ea940996.png

5. When the menu expands, select Consume


6. Scan the barcode of the consumed product 


The following will happen:

  • The back bar quantity will be deducted automatically in the inventory 
  • The back bar quantity displayed in the Inventory report will decrease
  • The adjustment will be reflected in the Inventory Adjustment report. The reason displayed will state "Consumed".  14559031-07727c70c6852d908351e630cf30dfb6.png





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