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Selling Gift Cards Online through Booking Widget and Guest App

With MyTime, you can sell gift cards to clients online. Gift cards purchased online are electronic (not physical) gift cards that clients can use to pay for products, appointments, and classes. In this article, we will walk through how the steps needed to sell gift cards on the booking widget and consumer apps.

Selling Gift Cards on the Booking Widget

In order for clients to purchase gift cards online, there are some important things you have to do: 

1. The first step is to ensure that you have a merchant payment account. This allows your business to take card payments. If you don't have one, you can email support@mytime.com for further details.

2. Gift card purchases must be enabled on your Settings page 


3. Your account must be live

4. Gift Cards must be enabled from the widget configuration page on Business Setup > Website Tools. This can be done by:

  • Selecting the Set Up button next to Add Appointment Booking to Your Website


  • Next, select either Booking Widget or Express Checkout options then proceed to set up the widget 

Express Checkout - When the client clicks on the Express Checkout Book Now button, they are redirected to your MyTime booking page. The Book Now button is free for everyone with a MyTime account.

Widget - The client books directly on your website. When the client clicks on the widget, a popup will appear directly on your website that allows clients to book (see examples below). Booking through a widget is free for merchants on Premium and Enterprise MyTime subscriptions, and costs $0.75 per transaction for businesses without a Premium subscription.  10199399-af733a4c7e70e05ed1feeb35fde69237.png

  • On the Customize Booking Theme page, set up your button and widget theme then select next to proceed to the installation page
  • From there, select “Gift Cards” from the Widget Includes dropdown menu. Depending on how you configure it, gift cards purchasing can be a stand-alone widget or an option in your Appointment Booking widget. 7033517-b18d92401f92d6f5a732ad3bdd6aeb4b__1_.png

Selling Gift Cards on the Guest App

In addition to the steps taken above to enable gift card purchases on the widget, there are additional steps needed to enable gift card purchases on the Consumer App Settings page. Here are the steps: 

  1. Login via parent dashboard > Business Setup
  2. Select Consumer App
  3. Check the box next to Purchase Gift Cards pasted_image_0__3_.png
  4. Save

 Once all the steps listed above are completed, you're now ready to sell gift cards online!

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