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Add Class / Event Booking to Your Website

We offer the ability to book classes/events online via the booking widget and the iOS and Android consumer apps. In this article, we'll walk through the steps on how to configure online booking for class sessions.

Things to know:

  • When configuring the class setup:
    • If you only select one staff member, this staff member will be preselected by default on the widget
    • If only one class category is specified, this class category will be preselected by default on the widget and will only display class sessions for that category that are available for the date range selected on the date picker to the left
  • The "Staff Member" filter is optional but can be used to filter out classes to display to the right of the class widget

Configuring Classes on the Booking Widget

  1. The first step is to ensure that you have created class categories and classes on the Class tab
  2. Once done, navigate to Business Setup > Website Tools

  3. Select the Setup button next to Add Class / Event Booking to Your Website

  4. Select either the Booking Widget or Express Checkout options then proceed to set up the widget

    • Express Checkout - When the client clicks on the Express Checkout Book Now button, they are redirected to your MyTime booking page. The Book Now button is free for everyone with a MyTime account.
    • Booking Widget - The client books directly on your website. When the client clicks on the widget, a popup will appear directly on your website that allows clients to book (see examples below). Booking through a widget is free for merchants on Premium and Enterprise MyTime subscriptions, and costs $0.75 per transaction for businesses without a Premium subscription. 14245860-cfbed8c55ad58eb0f25ff3031d66be39.png
  5. On the customize page, select your preference for the following main options. While making selections more options will appear based on the selected made before:

    • Default Location - For the class embed flow to work, you must choose a location. The location is required in order to correctly search for class sessions

    • Booking Page Includes - Allows you to add additional options to your class widget, such as gift cards, packages, and memberships, as well as access your account
    • Default To - Allows you to specify which option (classes, packages, memberships, etc. should be selected by default on the booking widget

    • Default Class Category - Allows you to specify the class category that will be selected by default on the widget

    • Default Staff Member - Provides a list of all staff members from which to choosemceclip0.png

  6. Below that, set up your button and widget theme then select next to proceed to the installation page

  7. On the installation page, copy the generated code mceclip1.png

  8. Embed it on your website 

Congratulations, class booking is now available on your website!

For more information contact us at support@mytime.com.            

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