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Managing Access Controls

MyTime provides advanced access control settings that enable you to control what your staff members can and cannot see and access through their individual MyTime accounts. For example, you might want stylists to view only their schedules and profile. 

The first step in managing your staff members' account access is to categorize them into their proper roles. Once staff members have been correctly categorized, you can edit the account access for each role using the Access Control Settings. This is found at the bottom of your Staff & Availability section.

Things to know:

  • Each role has its own set of permissions
  • Each staff member using MyTime should have a unique login (staff username/email and password)
  • Staff members should refresh whenever new permissions are assigned.
  • Only location owners can set or block access permissions
  • If your business is part of a franchise, the access permission for the franchisee (location owner) is set at the franchisor (parent) level. The location owner will then be able to set permissions for each staff member at their location however, they will not be able to override the permission set at the parent level to higher permission.  For example, the franchisor (parent account) has set access for franchise owners (child accounts) to view inventory but not edit. This means, the franchise owner will only be able to view inventory, and can only set permission for their staff members to view or block them from accessing inventory.  Any child account with access control set to edit will get updated to view.
  • The Manage Roles option, which gives businesses the ability to create custom roles, is only available to those with an enterprise subscription. 

To give your staff permission to various features of the software:

  1. Navigate to Business Setup > Staff & Availability  
  2. Click the Access Control Settings button at the bottom of the page  unnamed__1_.png
  3. Select a role from the dropdown menu on the top right  unnamed__2_.png  
  4. On the left panel, select a permission category to view and enable specific permissions.


Many of the access controls are categorized by:

  • Own Location
  • Their Location
  • All Locations

Categories & Permission :


  • Accessing Appointments
  • Schedule Classes/Events
  • Custom Work Hours
  • Clocking In/Out
  • Editing Clocked Hours
  • Record Work Hours


  • Accessing Client Records 
  • Accessing Client Contact Details 
  • Editing Client Tax Status
  • Deleting Clients
  • Manage Client Setup
  • Merge Clients
  • Accessing Memberships
  • Accessing Bundles/Packages 
  • Accessing Gift Cards


  • Creating Tickets
  • Accessing Open Tickets 
  • Accessing Closed Tickets
  • Changing Prices
  • Applying Custom Discounts
  • Applying Promotions
  • Create Miscellaneous Charges
  • Taking Payment
  • Accessing Register
  • Take Tips from Register
  • Open Cash Drawer
  • Accessing Inventory Details
  • Accessing Inventory Quantity
  • Accessing Inventory Prices 
  • Accessing Inventory Costs
  • Accessing Inventory Stock Checks
  • Manage Inventory Vendors
  • Manage Purchase Orders
  • Discontinue Products


  • Accessing Dashboard


  • Accessing Reports
  • View Compensation Report


  • Accessing Automated Messages
  • Accessing Email Campaigns
  • Accessing Promotions
  • Accessing One-Time Sales
  • Accessing Listing Manager and Reputation Manager

Business Setup

  • Accessing Royalty Fee Setting
  • Accessing Business Profile
  • Accessing Classes Menu
  • Setting Class Prices
  • Setting Class Durations
  • Assigning Classes to Staff Members
  • Assigning Attendee Type to a Class
  • Accessing Event Locations
  • Accessing Service Menu
  • Setting Service Prices
  • Setting Service Durations
  • Assigning Services to Staff Members
  • Accessing Staff & Availability
  • Change Order of Staff on Schedule
  • Assigning Roles to Staff Members
  • Setting Staff Passwords
  • Assigning Work Hours to Staff Members
  • Accessing Staff Compensation
  • Assigning External Employee ID
  • Bookings Per Time Slot
  • Manage Employee Titles
  • Accessing Account Settings
  • Accessing Payments & Deposits
  • Accessing Website Tools
  • Digital Signage
  • Packages
  • Memberships  
  • Accessing Ingest Data

Account Settings

  • Accessing My Account
  • Accessing Browse Businesses
  • Accessing My Favorites
  • Accessing My Purchases

See the document attached outlining each permission category and what each setting means https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19vYM6DRs-QZ4ji2awWQNhNgCYPFbSvbs70Zi0MiADpM/edit#gid=0.


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