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Memberships for Pets

Pet businesses can determine if the membership benefits can be used by all pets on a client profile ​OR if each pet needs its own membership.

Things to know:

  1. Pet memberships cannot be purchased online
  2. Value credits are not applicable for pet memberships
  3. On the membership configuration page:
    • If Individual Pet is selected - This means that the membership benefits can ONLY apply for the pet selected when the membership was being purchased.
    • If All Pets is selected - This means that the membership benefits will apply for any pet on the client profile.  

In this article, we will explore the following:

How to Configure Memberships for Pets 

To configure pet memberships:

  1. Go to Business Setup > Memberships tab 
  2. Select the location where you want the membership to be sold in the location filter 9e7a6d52-27bf-42cd-a718-e454965dba3b__1_.png
  3. Click on the +Add New Membership link  dea10cdf-19a0-469d-a368-97301361fa6e__1_.png
  4. Enter the Membership name
  5. Enter all the membership details on the General Settings tab
  6. Select Individual Pet for the Valid For option  13935383-632423af399c257ad1f0cb4370e9bf56.png
  7. Add pricing, discounts, and item credits on the respective tabs
  8. Publish Membership

Once created, the membership can ONLY be used for the pet selected when the membership was purchased.

Selling Memberships for Pets in POS & Client Profile

To sell a pet membership in POS:

  1. Go to POS > New Ticket
  2. Add a client
  3. Select the Membership in the products tab 13935481-2094fbd6f64a4803e74a9cfcaec3fe41.png
  4. If the account already has a pet, you can select the existing pet or add a new one 13935556-e1aa4eb6a9a54d4f5af36d5eaf199a82__1_.png
  5. Take payment and close the ticket

To add a pet membership to the client profile:

  1. Go to the Clients tab
  2. Open the client's profile
  3. Scroll down to the membership section 
  4. Select the + icon  13935626-3280f9b7cc260a7d3c817830d76165bc.png
  5. Choose the purchase location and membership
  6. Select the pet from the Membership Owner dropdown menu  13935657-16759ebb38d283bb60c426c0fa9779bf.png
  7. Save or proceed to take payment 

The membership will be stored on the client's profile and in the Membership report.

Client Profile

The membership name will display the name of the pet and breed in parentheses.  


Membership Roster Report


Changing Associated Pet on Existing Memberships

To change the associated family member for an existing membership:

  1. Navigate to the Clients tab
  2. Open the client's profile
  3. Scroll down to the membership section
  4. Expand the membership
  5. Select the Edit Membership button 13935725-62567b3bcd795824ca3f69aa92e0fbfd.png
  6. Select the dropdown menu next to Membership Owner  13935774-1e0f63017bd6c4dfa9b062b73ec09968.png
  7. Select the associated pet from the list and save 

Once saved, the membership can only be used by the new pet selected. 

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