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Service Pricing & Duration by Title / Location Group

You have the ability to set the pricing and duration of services by title and by location group. For example, a senior member may charge a higher price for the same service but take less time to complete the service

Things to know:

  • Ensure that the staff profiles have their titles assigned before you start adjusting the duration in the Service tab. Read more about creating titles here. 
  • Prices and durations by title can be set for each location or location grouping if your business has multiple locations.  
  • If you have set a price or duration for an individual staff member, this will take precedence over the default price/duration by title. 
  • A staff member's pricing/duration will automatically be set to the new title's pricing/duration when their title is changed.
  • When a location is added to a location group, it will inherit the location group's pricings and durations

To set service prices and duration by title:

  1. Navigate to your Business Setup > Settings page 
  2. Under the Staff section, select the following:
    • Do prices vary by staff member? Prices are set by title per location or location group
    • Do service durations vary by staff member? Service durations are set by title per location or location group  12833151-1782f275f7d286577080cf956aac5a12.png
  3. Save your changes 
  4. A warning modal will appear asking you to confirm your changes. Depending on the number of services, staff, etc the change can take up to 15 minutes to complete. unnamed__51_.png
  5. Once you have confirmed, go to Business Setup > Services Menu
  6. Click on the Edit link next to the appropriate service unnamed__52_.png
  7. Select the edit link below Regular Price
  8. When modal opens:
    • Each title will be displayed
    • When expanded, each staff member that was assigned to that title will be displayed  
    • Staff members not assigned to a title will be nested under Employees without a title  unnamed__53_.png
  9. Set up your pricing and save
  10. Next, select the Edit link below Duration  
  11. Duration by Title modal will appear similar to the pricing by title modal  unnamed__54_.png
  12. Add your durations and save your changes 

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