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Service Pricing & Duration by Location / Staff Member

When price and duration vary by employees, you will be able to set different pricing and durations for each staff member. Even if an employee works at multiple locations a price/duration will have to be set for each location. For franchise businesses, the setting is configured at the global (parent) level and the franchisee (child) level will inherit the setting.

Here is how it all works:

  1. Navigate to your Business Setup > Settings page
  2. Under the Staff section, select the following:
    • Do prices vary by staff member? Prices are set by location or staff member
    • Do service durations vary by staff member? Service durations are set by location or staff member                  unnamed__45_.png
  3. Save your changes
  4. Go to Business Setup > Services Menu 
  5. Click on the Edit link next to the appropriate service unnamed__46_.png
  6. Select the edit link below Regular Price
  7. When modal opens:
  8. Each staff member will be listed. Select the ones who can perform the service  unnamed__47_.png
  9. Set the service price for each staff                unnamed__49_.png
  10. Save changes
  11. Next, select the Edit link below Duration  
  12. Add the duration for each staff member unnamed__50_.png
  13. Save your changes 

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