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Register Closeout Report

This report displays all transactions processed during the day. It can be accessed from the POS or Reports tab.

Things to know: 

  • Transactions will only be reflected in the register if the register is open and selected at the ticket payment step. 
  • Transactions are displayed on the date when the payment was made, not the date when the ticket was closed.
  • Prepaid tickets are not recorded in the register 
  • Registers that were left open overnight will be automatically closed by the system a few minutes after midnight (merchant time). The system will assume a perfect count" for cash/checks and credit cards.

Access from the POS tab:

  1. Navigate to POS

  2. Select the Registers tab


Access from the Reports tab:

  1. Navigate to Dashboard
  2. Select the Reports tab
  3. Under the Point Of Sale section, select the All Registers report



Once on the register page, you can filter by location and date. To access the report select the View Report button next to the closed register. 


Report Fields 

Field  Description
Date/Time The date and time the ticket was closed or refunded
Ticket # The classifying number associated with a ticket. Clicking this link opens the ticket.
Type Displays the payment method used - cash, credit card, etc. (including prepaid deposits)
Amount The total amount collected
Adjustment  Manual adjustments made, withdrawal, and deposits
Closed By The name of the staff member who closed the ticket
Count The amount manually entered when closing the register
Over/Short Expected Amount in Register - Actual Amount Counted in Register 
Starting Cash Cash counted in the register at the beginning of the day
Opening Overage Total Opening Cash Expected in Register - Actual Opening Cash Counted by the staff member 
Closing Cash Cash counted in the register at the end of the day.
Closing Overage Total Closing Cash Expected in Register - Actual Closing Cash Counted in Register
Cash Float Cash remaining in the register 
Gift Cards Payment received via gift cards 
Others Payment received via other payment methods 
Credit Cards Processed Payment received via credit cards 
Credit Cards Overage / Shortage Total Credit Cards Expected in Register - Actual Credit Cards Counted in Register
Checks Overage / Shortage Total Cash Expected in Register - Actual Cash Counted in Register
Cash to Bank Cash sent to the bank
Checks to Bank Checks sent to the bank
Total Deposit to Bank Cash + Checks sent to the bank
Notes Information entered by the staff member when closing the register. 


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