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Inventory Adjustments Report

This report details changes to back bar and retail inventory levels, as well as the reasons for the changes. Inventory sales, manual adjustments, stock check adjustments, and purchase order check-ins are all included. A hidden setting controls the visibility of the cost, retail cost value, and back bar cost value columns, and is enabled by default for all accounts. If needed, the columns can be hidden by emailing MyTime Customer Success at support@mytime.com. 

To access this report: 

  1. Navigate to Dashboard

  2. Select the Reports tab

  3. Under the Point Of Sale section, select the Inventory Adjustments report


When the report opens, you can narrow the results by modifying the filters. You can filter by location, staff and the date the adjustment was made. You can also choose to view the report by date or location. If the By Location button is used at the top of the report, you will be able to easily compare metrics across locations and location groupings to see which locations are doing better or worse on that dimension.   

You also have the ability to export to Excel, PDF, or print.


Once you have selected your filters, click on the UPDATE button to generate the desired data.


Report Filters

Filter Description
Location The location where the inventory is stocked
Staff The staff member who performed the adjustment
Date This date range the adjustments were made

Report Columns

Column Description
Date The date the adjustment was made.
Staff The name of the staff member who made the adjustment, completed a sale, purchase order, or stock check. 
Brand Brand of the product.
Product The full name of the SKU.
SKU # The product ID used by your wholesaler or distributor.
Back Bar Adjust The adjusted back bar quantity. 
Retail Adjust The adjusted retail quantity.

The amount paid to the vendor per item

Retail Cost Value

Total retail stock x cost  

Back Bar Cost Value

Total back bar stock x cost 


The reason why the adjustment was done.


Purchase Orders - Purchase Order Check-In

Stock Checks - Stock Check overage or shortage

Manual Adjustments - The reason that was selected from the drop-down menu in the reason filter.


If a manual adjustment was done and no reason was selected, N/A will be displayed in the report. 

Note This field is optional. Note about the quantity update. 


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