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Closed Tickets Report

The report displays all transactions with a closed ticket. It can be accessed from the POS or Reports tab

Access from the POS tab:

  1. Navigate to POS

  2. Select the Closed Tickets tab


Access from the Reports tab:

  1. Navigate to Dashboard

  2. Select the Reports tab

  3. Under the Point Of Sale section, select the Closed Tickets report


When the report opens, you can filter by a specific location, staff, date, tickets with services only, products only, or all tickets. You also have the option to export the report as a CSV, PDF, or print version.  

Once you have selected your filters, click on the UPDATE button to generate the desired data. 


Report Filters

Filter Description
Location The location where the appointment is scheduled.
Staff The staff member who performed the service during the date range and location selected.
Products/Services Filter to tickets with products, services, or both
Date This range will determine the appointments that were booked during the date range selected.

Report Columns

Column Description
Date The date the ticket was closed.
Time The time the ticket was closed.
Client Client associated with the appointment or purchase. Clicking this link opens the client's profile.
Ticket # The classifying number associated with the ticket. Clicking this link opens the ticket.
Amount The amount the client paid
Fees Displays the credit card processing fees for credit card transactions performed throughout the day. This only applies to merchants using Stripe. If you are using your own credit card software, or TSYS and receive a bill from them directly you will not see this column. 
Net The amount the client paid less credit card processing fees where applicable. 

The type of payment method tendered and the status of the transaction.

Example: Cash transaction, Refunded, Partially refunded, covered by membership or package, etc. 

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