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Audit Report

This report shows the breakdown of the changes made to an employee, a client, family members/pets, and work hours. 

Things to know:

If the hidden setting "Enter Clocked Hours Manually instead of Clocking In/Out." is enabled, worked hours will be added to the resource filter. The report will track changes made using the "Record Work Hours" button on the scheduler.

To access this report:

  1. Navigate to Dashboard
  2. Select the Reports tab
  3. Under the Staff section, select "Audit" report mceclip1.png

When the report opens, you can filter by a specific location, resource, and date. In the upper right-hand corner of the report, you have the option to export the report as PDF, CSV, or print version.


Report Filters

Filter Description
Location The location where the change took place
Resource Type Filter by employees, clients, or work hours
Date The date of the change

Report Columns

Columns Definition


  • Create - to indicate a new event
  • Update - to indicate an update
  • Destroy -  indicate something was deleted

Additional information can be viewed by clicking the drop-down arrow next to an event.

Type Displays where the new event or update was made
Resource Displays the matching resource based on the resource selected in the filter. 
  • Client: Displays client's name
  • Work Hours: Displays changes made using the "Record Work Hour" button on the scheduler
  • Employee: Displays the employee ID for the staff member
Modified By Displays the name of the staff member who made the change or created the event
Date Time Displays the date and time the event was made or changed
Field Change

When expanded, this column displays the fields in which the changes were made. Please see a few examples below:


  • first_name
  • last_name
  • email
  • mobile_phone
  • home_phone
  • work_phone
  • date_of_birth
  • custom field names
  • gender


  • difference_question
  • training_question
  • custom_role_templates_names
  • bookings_per_time_slot
  • external_id
  • name
  • custom_job_title_uuid
  • employee_id
  • location_id
  • open_at
  • close_at
  • date

Worked Hours:

  • employee_id
  • value
  • date
  • worked_hour_category_id
  • location_id
Old Value Displays the previous information in the event there was an update
New Value Displays the new change made


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