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Appointment History Report

This report shows appointments completed and tips by staff member. Canceled and no-show appointments are not reflected on the report. 

To access this report:

  1. Navigate to Dashboard
  2. Select the Reports tab
  3. Under the Staff section, select the Appointment History report


When the report loads, you can filter by a specific location, staff, and date range. You can also export the report as a CSV, PDF, or print version. 

Once you have selected your filters, click on the UPDATE button to generate the desired data.


Report Columns

Column Description
Date The date of the appointment.
Appointment Time The appointment start time.
Location The location the appointment took place
Client The name of the client associated with the appointment. Clicking this link opens the client's profile.
Staff The name of the staff member associated with the appointment. Clicking this link opens the staff member's profile. 
Service The name of the service associated with the appointment.
Duration The duration of each service associated with the appointment. 
Tip The tip amount received.
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