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Membership Payments Report

This report displays all failed and successful membership payments.

To access this report:

  1. Navigate to Dashboard
  2. Select the Reports tab
  3. Under the Clients section, select the Membership Payments report


When the report loads, you can filter by a specific location, status, and date. You have the option to export the report as a CSV, PDF, or print version. 


Report Filters

Filter Description
Location The location where the membership was purchased.
Status The status of the membership charge. You can choose to view all membership payments or only the successful or failed payments.
Date The date the membership fee was charged. 

Report Columns

Column Description
Date of Charge The date the membership fee was charged. 
Client The name of the client associated with the membership. 
Name The name of the membership.
Charge Amount The amount that was charged. 
Total Tax The tax applied to the membership charge. 
Payment Type

Indicates whether the charge was triggered automatically by the MyTime system or manually by the merchant.

Manual Draft - Triggered automatically by the MyTime system

Auto Draft - Triggered manually by the merchant

Payment Method Displays the type of card used (Visa, American Express, etc) and the last 4 numbers.
Billing Status

Indicates whether the membership charge was Successful or Failed.

If the membership fails there is a note icon, hovering over it will display the reason for the failure. There is also a retry link next to it where you can attempt to retry the payment.


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