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Booking Interval Report

This report shows the count of appointments based on the time interval between bookings.

Things to know:

  • The report takes into consideration the client's appointment within the selected date range and compares it with their last appointment. 
  • If a client only has one appointment, no data will be displayed in the report for that client. 

To access this report: 

  1. Navigate to Dashboard

  2. Select the Reports tab

  3. Under the Clients section, select the Booking Interval report 


When the report opens, you can filter by a specific location, staff, and date. You also have the ability to export to Excel, PDF, or print.


Once you have selected your filters, click on the UPDATE button to generate the desired data. 


Report Filters

Filter Description
Location The location where the appointment took place.
Staff The name of the staff member who performed the service. 
Date The date of the appointment. 

Report Columns

Column Description
Time Between Appointments The number of days between the current appointment and the previous appointment for the client.
Frequency The number of times this interval has happened.
Clients Number of clients with appointments during the date range selected.


Scenario 1: The client's first appointment is on the date selected

Earl Lee had his first appointment on August 1 with staff member Lewis King

Report Filters:

  • Location: -5 Train Lane

  • Staff: Lewis King

  • Date: August 1

No data will appear on the report.


Scenario 2: The client has two appointments

Earl Lee had his previous appointment on August 1 with staff member Lewis King. He has an appointment scheduled for August 8.

Report Filters:

  • Location: -5 Train Lane

  • Staff: Lewis King

  • Date: August 8

When the report loads, the following data will be displayed:

  • Time between appointments: 7 days

  • Frequency: 1 time



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