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By Service Report

This report shows appointment revenue by service category and service name.

To access this report:

  1. Navigate to Dashboard
  2. Select the Reports tab
  3. Under the Bookings section, select the By Service report 


When the report opens, you can filter by a specific location, staff, and date. You can choose to view the report by date or location. If the By Location button is used at the top of the report, you will be able to easily compare metrics across locations and location groupings to see which locations are doing better or worse on that dimension.

Below the By Location button, you have the option to download the report as a CSV, PDF, or print version. 


Once you have selected your filters, click on the UPDATE button to generate the desired data.

Report Filters

Filter Description
Location Location where the appointment will take place
Staff The staff member who performed the service during the date range and location selected.
Date This range will determine the appointments that were booked during the date range selected.
Revenue At

If Revenue at time of purchase is selected, the prepaid column is displayed, and items that were paid for with a membership, package, or gift card are deducted from the revenue column.

If Revenue at time of use is selected, the prepaid columns will not be displayed, and there will be no revenue displayed for items that were paid for with a membership item credit or package

Report Columns

Column Description
Location The location where the service took place. This column will only be visible if the By Location toggle is selected.
Category The category to which a service belongs. For example, a Men's cut would belong to the Haircut category. 
Service The name of the service
Staff The name of the staff member who performed the service.
Services The number of services for the date range selected.
Revenue Service revenue earned for the date range selected. Prepaid amounts will be deducted from the revenue when "Time of Use" is selected.
Prepaid Includes package, gift card, referral credit, membership item, and value credit redemption for services. The Prepaid column will not be displayed if the "Prepaids at the time of use" filter is selected.
Discounts Service discounts that were applied during the date range selected.
Refunds Service refunds that were processed during the date range selected.
Net Revenue  Revenue - Refunds - Discounts


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