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Redeeming Referral Credit on Booking Widget

Once a referee has received the referral invitation link, they can proceed to redeem the credit on the booking widget.

Steps to redeem referral credit:

  1. Open the email invitation
  2. Select the Book Now button 11232683-3db0aee4da9da5271ca00f72ecf8d253.png
  3. When directed to the booking widget, a modal will appear with a message similar to the one displayed in the screenshot below.  10765363-5f321f7de1a50f5fd5bf3d40c103a951.png
  4. Select Book Now
  5. Choose the desired service and time
  6. On the Checkout page, the client will be prompted to sign up
  7. If the service value does not meet the minimum spend requirement, a message will be shown below appointment details on the right indicating the amount of referral credit available and the amount required before it can be redeemed. In the example below, the client needs to spend $40 more in order to be able to redeem the referral credit. 11232774-86c712011ca2358945fe83c3551fa7da.png
  8. The client can then add an additional service that meets the minimum spend requirement
  9. Proceed to checkout
  10. They can then enter the credit value they want to utilize in the Apply Referral Credit field
  11. Then hit the Apply button 11232898-b1774916135e3689b2215cfe9d04734d.png
  12. The credit will be successfully applied 11232936-b3198d7d71feb880741ed72a456bc07d.png
  13. Complete the booking 


  • The referral credit will be activated after the ticket is closed
  • Once thee ticket is closed, the amount used will be deducted from their Referral Balance 
  • The transaction will be shown in the audit history on the client's profile  

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