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Referral Program on Booking Widget 

Existing clients will be able to keep track of the referral credits earned, the number of clients they have referred as well as refer their friends and families directly from your booking widget. To access the referral program on the booking widget:  

  1. Go to your booking widget 
  2. Click on the Sign in link at the top right 10762384-201750676c3cc919ca4f44d05762bbea.png
  3. Once signed in, select the drop-down arrow next to your name  
  4. Then, select Referral Program from the menu 10762690-3166938fe79e99aba039176a6522f735.png

The client's referral credit history will display:

  • Total Referrals - Total number of clients they referred
  • Referrals Activated - Total number of referees that met the minimum spend amount in one visit
  • Credits Earned - Referrer credit amount earned when the referee has met the minimum spend on a single visit.
  • Credits Remaining - Referrer credit balance 


Invite Friend By Email

To refer a family member or friend, your clients can simply:

  • Enter the referee's email address below the Invite Your Friend By Email
  • Add a message in the Message To Recipient box 
  • Click on the Send Invite button



Once the invite is sent, the referee and referrer will receive a Thank You email. For information on the email that is sent, you can learn more here.

Share your link to Twitter/Facebook

To share a referral link via Twitter or Facebook, your clients can simply:

  1. On the Referral Program page
  2. Select the Facebook or Twitter buttons 14220348-3f8bbba9836f3e0e973aea287df326d2__1_.png
  3. They will be prompted to sign into their social media account in order to post the link
  4. Once posted, their friends can select the link which will redirect them to your booking widget to make a booking 14220896-2284006bb88b2d8e4ee2a8645f7d296e.png

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