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Activate Referral Credit in POS

When a client is referred to your business, the credit will not be usable until it is activated. Referral credit activation occurs when the client has met the minimum spend threshold in a single visit and the ticket is closed.

Let's now walk through activating the referral credit in POS:

  1. From your schedule, open the appointment for the referred client  
  2. Click the Checkout button  9576409-aca439c94e710e9d26fa60b65400731a__1_.png
  3. You will be redirected to POS
  4. If the ticket amount does not meet the minimum spend requirement, a message will be shown indicating the amount of referral credit available and the amount required before it can be redeemed. In the example below, it shows that $200 credit is available and I need to spend $40 more in order to redeem it. 9576736-ba5d9b1181e2ae13ec4109cd1d26b2e9__1_.png
  5. If the amount meets the minimum spend requirement, a message will be shown indicating that the referral credit can be utilized. 9576894-73ed5960b316d9e9eb0b8980550041cc__1_.png
  6. Proceed to the Payment screen
  7. The referral credit will be shown as a payment method 9576991-c4d6c11d250de035cf0bd97a402fa642__1_.png
  8. The client can choose whether to use all or only a portion of the credit for this purchase or wait until their next visit 
  9. If the credit was used on the ticket, the payment type will show "Referral Credit Payment Received  9577045-837ace7fc296bb2d26989be795c810c6__1_.png
  • The amount used on the ticket will be deducted from the client's referral balance 
  • The transaction will be shown in the audit history on the client's profile 
  • The referrer’s credit will now be activated   

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