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Top Referrers Report

This report displays the top referrers for your referral program. The data will help to determine the program’s effectiveness.  

To access this report: 

  • Navigate to Dashboard

  • Select the Reports tab

  • Under the Client section, select the Top Referrers report


When the report loads, you can filter by a specific location and date range. Once you have selected your desired date click on the UPDATE button to generate the report. After the report is generated, you can use the search field on the right, to search for a specific client by email, name, or phone number. You will also have the ability to export to Excel, PDF, and print the report by clicking on the respective icons below the client search field. 


Report Columns    

Column Description
Referrer Name The name of the client who made the referral. Clicking the link redirects you to the referrer's profile. 
Date The date the referral was made
Referrals Sent The number of referrals made by the referrer
Referrals Activated 

The number of referees that met the minimum spend threshold in one visit.

If a referral is activated, "Activated" is shown
If a referral is not activated, "Unactivated" is shown

Credits Earned  Credit earned when the referee completes a purchase matching the minimum spend threshold specified in a single visit.
Credits Balance Referral credit balance  
Gross Revenue At Activation Ticket Value of the ticket at the time the referral credit was activated in POS. 
Lifetime Referee Gross Revenue  Sum of all tickets for the referee   



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