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Client Referral Program FAQs

Here's a list of questions and answers about our Client Referral Program that might be beneficial to you: 

1. What's the cost for the Client Referral Program Subscription?   

The cost for the subscription is $99/month. You can enable the referral program by going to My Account > MyPlan > View A La Carte Pricing > Client Referral Program. For franchise accounts, please contact our Support Team at support@mytime.com.   

2. How do I configure the client referral program? 

As the account owner, navigate to the Marketing tab > Referral Program. For franchise businesses, the referral program is configured at the global (parent) level and the franchisee (child) level will inherit those settings. 

3. How does referral credit redemption work?

  • Referee Credit - Referees receive this credit to spend on their visit when they meet the minimum spend. 
  • Referrer Credit - Referrers earn this credit when they refer a new client. This credit is available for use by the referrer only after the referee has met the minimum spend on a single visit.
  • Minimum Spend - Minimum threshold a referee should spend on a visit to be able to use their referral credit.

4. Do you allow children (family member, pet, auto) to be referred? 
Referrals apply only when referring new clients. Family members, children, pets, and autos to be attached to existing client profiles are not considered new referrals. 

5. How many referral programs can I set for my account?
Currently, you can set up only one referral program for your account.

6. What if a franchise has not opted-in for referrals?

  • The referral program will not visible to staff at that franchise
  • Referrers or referees cannot use any credits
  • Referrer credit will not get activated if the referee visits that franchise, but does not preclude activation if the referee subsequently visits a location that has opted-in for the referral program. 

7. Can any franchise reduce or increase referral credit for referrer or referee?

Yes, they can from the client profile.

8. Are tips counted towards minimum spend?
Since tips are paid to the staff member and do not benefit the business, tips are not counted towards minimum spend. The same applies to taxes.

9. Can referral credit be applied towards tips?

10. What happens when the activation ticket of the referee is fully refunded and the referrer has already used the credit?
There will be no impact on the referrer credit bank if it has already been spent.

11. What happens if the referrer cannot be found by the staff member?
The referee does not get any credit.



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