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Referral Program Configuration

Our Client Referral Program allows you to track referrals and offer incentives to both the referrer (client sending the referral) and the referee (client receiving the referral). This is a great way to encourage your existing customers to share your business with their friends and family.     

The configuration possibilities include choosing a dollar value for the referrer and the referee, and a minimum spend amount. For example, you can set up a $200 credit that can be used on any item for new clients and, at the same time, award a $50 credit to clients making referrals.

In this article, we will look at the process of setting up your Referral Program and Automated Referral Thank You Notifications. Before we begin, please note the following:   

  • In order to be able to use the Client Referral Program in MyTime, you must purchase the Referral Program subscription. Please contact our Support Team at support@mytime.com. 
  • For franchise businesses, the referral program is configured at the global (parent) level. Child accounts can opt in or out if they so desire.    
  • Client Referral Program can be set up within the following guidelines:
    • Referee Credit - Referees receive this credit to spend on their visit when they meet the minimum spend. 
    • Referrer Credit - Referrers earn this credit when they refer a new client. This credit is available for use by the referrer only after the referee has met the minimum spend on a single visit.
    • Minimum Spend - This allows you to set a minimum threshold a referee should spend on a visit to be able to use their referral credit. This takes into account the entire ticket value, excluding taxes and tips.
    • Terms & Conditions - This field is optional. Once added, the terms and conditions will be visible to your clients on the referral program section of the booking widget. 
  • Clients can redeem referral credits while booking an appointment online or during payment in POS

  • Referrals apply only when referring new clients. Family members, children, pets, and autos to be attached to existing client profiles are not considered new referrals. 
  • Only one referral program can be set up for an account 


Configure Referral Program

Once you have added a Client Referral subscription, you are now ready to configure your referral program. To get started, log into your MyTime account and then: 

  1. Go to the Marketing tab >Referral Program  9474197-055781954b1acf68c4f2a722a11c7655.png
  2. Enter the values for Referee Credit, Referrer Credit, and Minimum Spend. You can also add your Terms & Conditions.
  3. Once you are finished, click Save at the bottom right

Congratulations! Your referral program is now active. 

Automated Referral Thank You Notifications 

Now that you have your referral program configured, you can set up automated emails to thank referrers for referring new clients. The notifications are sent to the referrer when they are added and to the referee when the referral invitation is sent via the booking widget. 

To set up the thank you email:

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Automated Messages 9575498-f3aa80ea0c64e3ae6bed3e5c72484ca7.png
  2. There is a section called Referral Program and three templates underneath
    • Referrer Credit Activated - This email is sent to the referrer when the referee has visited one of your stores and completed their first purchase.
    • Thank You To Referee - This email is sent to the referee when a referral is made to make them aware of the qualification criteria and prompt them to take action. 
    • Thank You To Referrer - This email is sent to the referrer when a referral is made to make them aware of the qualification criteria. 
  3. To edit a template, click the Edit link  
  4. The template will open and you can edit it as you see fit 9575974-e08360c05572c8bad94e28a34f95797c.png


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