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Push Notifications for Automated Messages

MyTime allows merchants the ability to send automated messages via push notification rather than just email or SMS. You could save money on text message fees by using push notifications via the MyTime Guest App. If you would like to add the MyTime Guest App to your MyTime plan, please contact support@mytime.com.  

In this article, we will explore how to configure push notifications.

Things to know:

  • The custom guest app must be part of your subscription in order to use push notifications.
  • If the guest app is not active on your account, the push notification option will be disabled.
  • Push notifications can only be sent to clients who have the MyTime Guest App installed on their mobile devices.
  • The push notification option is only shown in the "Deliver By" dropdown menu for all the automated marketing templates where SMS is used.
  • Push notification is not shown for automated marketing templates that require a reply from users, for example, the Request Review template.
  • If the delivery method that you have chosen is not available for a client, MyTime will try other available methods, even if it is not selected. 

To configure push notification:

  1. Go to Marketing > Automated Messages 7963018-6fcd65ea0380f7dbcb1c31d562928f53.png
  2. From there, select any template where SMS is used
  3. Next select “Push Notif” from the ‘Deliver By’ drop-down menu 8256753-f16dea265810d808bbe8704e0f5bddf4.png
  4. Save your changes
  5. In the example above, I enabled push notifications for the Booked by Business template. This means that whenever the business books an appointment for the client, as long as they are signed in on your custom guest app they will receive a push notification for their appointment. See the screenshot below.  



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