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Open Cash Drawer Button in POS

Your physical cash drawer, if it’s connected to your receipt printer, can be opened by clicking the "Open Drawer" button on the New Ticket page or the Take Payment / Refund Payment pages in POS. This button is access controlled and requires the Open Cash Drawer permission to be turned on before it will appear. In this article, we will look at how this feature works but before we begin there are some important things to note:  

  • If you have not connected your PC to a printer, you first need to do so. Depending on your receipt printer this can be done via wifi, USB, Bluetooth, etc. Once the computer and printer are connected you must connect the printer to your physical cash drawer. This is generally done via an RJ12 cable that looks similar to a phone cable. To ensure your cash drawer is configured correctly please see our help center article on Printers & Cash Drawers.
  • The Open Cash Drawer access control is set to Block by default.
  • The Open Drawer button is not connected to your virtual register in MyTime. To open your virtual register go to POS > Registers. 7885155-e950be27cbed9ce89162cb6676522100.png

Let us now look at how this feature works: 

  1. First, ensure that your staff members have access to open your physical cash drawer. To do this, go to Business Setup > Staff & Availability > Access Control Settings 7884392-8d4a3a7193c536d44ca44370f87bb81d.png
  2. Next, select a role from the menu at the top of the page (e.g., Service Provider)
  3. Select the POS option > Open Cash Drawer 7884483-c44dae8c62eb2b924d4cff8c3e5c0b9b.png
  4. Save your changes
  5. When signed in, the staff member can then go to POS > New Ticket page
  6. Add an item to the ticket 
  7. Select the "Open Drawer" button at the top right of the page  7884773-baafab9f3ed7e862af47220262ec4568.png
  8. They can also wait until they get to the Take Payment page to open the drawer
    • In case there is no cash payment, the Open Drawer button is disabled
    • As soon as cash payment is added, the Open Drawer button is activated

  9. Each time the button is clicked, a print modal will appear with an audit trail displaying the date, time, and name of the staff member who opened the drawer. The screenshot below shows "Drawer opened on May 3rd 2021, 8:55:30 pm by Leana Green".  7884815-78bd27172345073d1842c1c2c25d2ea1.png
  10. Clicking the print button on the bottom right of the print modal will print the audit trail using the receipt printer. This action will pop open your physical cash drawer.
  11. You can then proceed to close the ticket. 

If you have any questions, please contact Customer Support at support@mytime.com. 



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