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Uberall Fields for SEO

For Listings Management, there are a set of data that MyTime sends to Uberall. The information is then used by Uberall to update your listings to help drive your SEO.  

In the table below you will find an explanation of each field. All fields are not mandatory however, it's helpful if you specify as much information about your locations as possible to create rich profiles.  


  Field Description 




Mandatory Fields


The list of business IDs for which the dataPoints should be filtered.


Please choose a unique identifier for every location (max 255 characters). Please do not use any special characters like e.g. the registered trademark or copyright symbol.
Example: 001UB


This is the name of your business that will appear on the directories. Choose the same name as the one used outside the internet to present the business. Please do not add information about the location, directions, or other information to the name. Please do not use any special characters like e.g. the registered trademark or copyright symbol (max. 255 characters).
Example: Ambulantes Zentrum


This is the exact postal address of your location (Address line 1 on the location profile). Please provide further useful information regarding the address in the column addressExtra (max. 255 characters).
Example: Werkweg 1

zip This is the zip of your location. If the zip starts with a zero, please pay attention to the formatting of the table, as the first zero can be removed automatically due to wrong formatting.
Example: 18273
city This is the city your location is located in (max. 255 characters).
Example: Güstrow
country Please enter the country of the location. Currently, the following countries are supported: AT, CH, DE, UK, ES, FR, NL
Example: DE
categories Please choose fitting categories for your business. To add another category, please use a semicolon. You can find an overview of all categories here.
Example: 625;662;640
phone Telephone Number consisting of regional code and number separated by space. If you wish you can add the country code (e.g. +49 30 27572991)
Example: +49 3843 22060


autoSync When autosync is set to true, information changed for the location in Uberall will automatically be synchronized to all connected listings without the need to explicitly start a sync again after it's been started once.



Optional Fields

addressExtra You can provide additional information like floor number, mailboxes, etc (max. 255 characters) for the location (Address line 2 on the location profile).
Example: 1. Floor
website This the website of your company or location-specific page. Please use the complete URL including http:// .
Example: http://www.ambzentrum.de
email This is the E-Mail address under which the location can be reached.
Example: info@ambzentrum.de
descriptionShort This is a short description of your business. Please do not use tab characters, additional rows, E-Mail addresses, and URLs (max. 200 characters)
Example: Ambulantes Zentrum in Güstrow helps you with all issues regarding physiotherapy.
descriptionLong This is a long description of your business. Please do not use tab characters, additional rows, E-Mail addresses, and URLs. The long description cannot exceed 1000 characters.
Example: We offer holistic ambulatory physiotherapy. Thereby we focus on the therapy of orthopedic, surgical, and neurologic symptoms. Our large therapy team has a lot of experience and tries to keep up-to-date to ensure treatment on a high level.
opening Hours

Those are the opening hours of your location. Please use the formatting explained below.

To define an additional time span please use the symbol "&"

Please provide information about the opening hours for every day. If the location is closed on a day, please only enter the abbreviation of that day. Please note that the days have to be separated with a semicolon. The Opening Hours must be provided in German.

Notation: Day(Abbreviation)=hh:mm-hh:mm.



The latitude coordinate of the location.


The longitude coordinate of the location.


URLs of the pictures. Please enter publicly accessible URLs.
Example: http://www.ambzentrum.de/logo-p_2.png;http://www.ambzentrum.de/mitarbeiter_az.jpg



The profiles of the location on social and professional networks (FACEBOOK, FOURSQUARE, INSTAGRAM, LINKEDIN, PINTEREST, TWITTER, VIMEO, XING, YOUTUBE).


For additional information on Listing and Reputation Management, read more here.

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