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Facility Fees

Facility fees are fees that a stylist or employee incurs to use the facility. The fee is deducted from their service revenue.

Things to know:

  • The ability to create facility fees is governed by the "Edit All Services" access control setting
  • Facility fees can only be set at the child level and not at the parent level
  • Facility fees are not displayed to clients 
  • Staff commission for an appointment is calculated based on the revenue after deducting the facility fee
  • The post/pre-discount setting is crucial when there's a ticket discount. In a pre-discount configuration, the facility fee is subtracted before applying the discount. In a post-discount setup, the facility fee is deducted after the discount.
  • Facility fees can be defined as a flat amount ($) or a percentage (%) of the service revenue
  • Like environmental fees, different facility fees can be set based on location and/or service. It's also possible to establish multiple facility fees on a single account
  • Service variations cannot be chosen or displayed if all items in the selected category were previously chosen in another facility fee.

To set up facility fees:

1. Navigate to Business Setup > Services 15423758-76e8933437b700d9155ec67a24e8cc96.png

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Set Facility Fees



3. Next, select + Add Facility Fee


4. From here, you may set a flat $ amount or % that will be deducted from service revenue. The fee can apply to different service categories, variations, and locations.

  • Fee Name - The name of the facility fee
  • Type - Set whether the fee is a flat dollar value ($) or a percentage (%)
  • Amount - The value of the fee
  • Applicable Locations - Select whether the fee should apply to all locations or a specific location
  • Applies to - Select the service category and variations for which the fee is applicable


Once you are satisfied with your changes, go ahead and save.


For more information about facility fees in the Compensation Report, click here.


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