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Parent Account Settings

The parent account manages all the child accounts. On the settings page, you will find various settings. Some of these, when adjusted on the parent account, affect the child accounts, and some do not.

Settings that affect child accounts

Section Setting
Dashboard Color Settings
Top Navigation Colors
Secondary Navigation Colors 
Footer Colors
Web Mobile Colors
Mobile App Color Settings  
Reconciliation Settings  
Staff Do prices vary by staff member?
Do service durations vary by staff member?
Clients Enable Family Accounts?


Settings that do not affect child accounts 

Section Setting
Calendar Take Appointments
Schedule Classes / Events
Multi-Staff Appointments
Disconnect services by default
Allow clients to be added to waitlist?
Color Code Appointments Automatically
Change Status to Completed:
Allow "Client Quick-Add"
Require Mandatory Client Fields To Be Completed Before Checkout
Permit Walk-ins Without Client Records
Allow Redo Appointments
Should Original Staff Member Receive Service Commissions On Redos?

Allow viewing but not editing information when outside of authorized IPs
Store Client Credit Cards?
Require a description when booking a class
Show Appointment Start Button
POS Enable gift card purchase
Choose Payment Methods
Activate Refund Reasons Dropdown
Require Open Register to Take Payment
Automatically Close Ticket When Full Payment Is Taken By Credit Card
Allow Returns Without Receipt
Activate VAT for pricing
Tax ID number
Apply Membership Dollar Credits
Activate Inventory Reasons Dropdown
Allow Updating Cost of PO After Submission
Allow refunding packages even after they have been used
Online Bookings Invite to book online upon client record creation
Appointment time picker intervals
Appointment schedule intervals
Online booking intervals
Who can book you online?
Allow guest checkout?
How should online bookings be handled?
Advance notice required for new customers
Advance notice required for existing customers
Notifications Would you like to allow SMS Notifications for MyTime Communicator Messages?
Tipping Allow clients to leave tips?
Automatically request a tip split
Default tip buttons
Request tips via SMS for prepaid appointments?
Request tips via SMS for non-prepaid appointments?
Cancellation Policy How far in advance must clients cancel their appointment?
If a client fails to cancel an appointment in advance, should MyTime charge them?
Activate Cancellation Reasons Dropdown
Memberships Allow freezing memberships?
Maximum freeze length per year
Should dollar credits be usable during freeze period?
Should membership contract be extended by freeze duration?
Should item credits be usable during freeze period?
Should membership discounts apply during freeze period?
Should item credits be usable when membership is suspended (payment failed)?
Should dollar credits be usable when membership is suspended (payment failed)?
Should failed payments from previous months be back charged?
Initiate membership termination after
Should membership contract be extended by suspension duration?
How long should dollar credits be valid after membership termination?
Staff Do you have staff members (besides yourself)?
Can customers book a specific staff member?
Track compensation by staff member?
Calculate service commission post discount
Calculate product commission post discount
Do staff members need to clock in/out?
Enable rapid user switching

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