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Online Booking and In-Store Appointment Schedule Intervals

Appointment booking intervals can be independently modified for your online booking and in-store appointment schedule. The interval can range anywhere between 5 minutes to 60 minutes increments. For instance, you could allow your clients to book appointments online on the 30-minute mark while internally, your staff can view the schedule on the 15-minute mark and book on the 5-minute mark (e.g., 9:05, 9:10, etc.).

Now let's look at how to adjust your appointment scheduling intervals: 

1. To set your preferred appointment booking intervals, navigate to Business Setup > Settings.

2. Under the Online Bookings section, there are three settings:

  • Appointment time picker intervals
  • Appointment schedule intervals 
  • Online booking intervals 


3. Select your preferred intervals then save.  

In the screenshot above, we selected 5 minutes for the appointment time picker interval, 15 minutes for the appointment schedule interval, and 1 hour for the online booking interval. The following will happen:

  • When a client goes to book an appointment online the booking interval shown will be 1 hour. So the client can book at 9:00 am, 10:00 am, 11:00 am,12:00 pm, etc. 
  • When a staff member goes to view the schedule, the interval shown in day and week views will be 15 minutes.
  • When a staff member opens the appointment modal, the interval will be 5 minutes. This means that the staff can schedule an appointment at 9:00 am, 9:05 am, 9:10 am, etc.

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