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SMS Marketing Campaigns

We allow you to send marketing campaigns via text message. Text message marketing can be a powerful promotional tool, but clients tend to unsubscribe if it is overused and MyTime charges for text messaging overage fees, so we recommend using this feature sparingly. Before you start to utilize this feature, there are some important things to note about text message marketing compliance. 

You are solely responsible and liable for complying with all SMS Marketing regulations, including the Telephone Consumer Protection Act ("TCPA") and the CTIA's Short Code Monitoring Handbook and Messaging Principles and Best Practices.*
By using the service, you agree to release and indemnify MyTime for all claims, penalties, demands, actions, proceedings, costs, and/or damages arising from your use of this service.


  • Clients must first opt-in to receive SMS marketing campaigns from you. When the Client Marketing SMS Opt-In template is activated in Automated Messages and a client is created with the Marketing SMS checkbox checked on their client profile, a text message will be sent asking the client to confirm that they want to receive SMS marketing. 
  • Clients won't receive any Marketing Campaign Text Message until they reply YES to the confirmation SMS.
  • If the client’s information is edited, the phone number is changed, or the Marketing SMS checkbox is unchecked at any time, then the confirmation process must be started again. 
  • Once a month, both automated and manual campaign SMS messages will include the "Reply STOP to unsubscribe" message. If the client responds with "STOP," they will be unsubscribed.
  • Reply messages such as STOP, UNSTOP, UNSUBSCRIBE, or CANCEL will unsubscribe the client by default. Learn more about Twilio guidelines here.


Opt-Ins: When creating your opt-in message for your campaign, make sure your clients know that they're joining an SMS Marketing list. You must include the following information: 

(i) Business/Program Name
(ii) STOP Instructions
(iii) HELP Instructions
(iv) Frequency (v) Message and Data Rates May Apply
(vi) Link to Terms & Privacy Policy. We have provided a generic template as a reference.

HELP: When an SMS marketing subscriber responds to any of your campaigns with the word HELP, you must include the following information in your reply:

(i) Business/Program Name
(ii) STOP Instructions
(iii) Frequency
(iv) Message and Data Rates May Apply

Prohibited Language: Your text alerts cannot promote or include any of the following:

(i) Any kind of depictions or endorsements of violence or illegal behavior
(ii) Adult content
(iii) Profanity or hate speech;
(iv) Illegal or illicit drugs.


SMS Marketing Campaigns may only be sent between 8:00 am - 9:00 pm in the time zone your recipient is in. MyTime will automatically enforce this. 


MyTime will provide a generic and compliant Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy but this text is editable from the Automated Marketing page.


Things to know:

  • By default, MyTime will automatically select the clients who have a mobile phone number on file and have opted in to receive SMS marketing campaigns. If a client has not opted in or does not have a mobile phone number on file, they will not be included in the recipient list.
  • The character limit for a single SMS message is 160 characters
  • After every 160 characters, we count it as a new SMS
  • Images cannot be sent in an SMS campaign 
  • When the SMS Opt-In template is activated, it will be sent automatically to new clients created after activation

Let's now look at how to send an SMS Marketing Campaign:

  1. To get started, navigate to Marketing > Automated Messages > Transactional  
  2. From there, open the “Client Marketing SMS Opt-In” template under Client Engagement.  19344064-d51b5c4b8b456e253251276f18d4697f.png
  3. Ensure you follow the guidelines noted here when editing the template. 6533359-699ea36f3d0798126bdf95b5ff6c7da3.png
  4. After making your changes, save the template then activate it. Once activated, when a client is created with the Marketing SMS checkbox checked on their client profile, a text message will be sent asking the client to confirm that they want to receive SMS marketing. If the client has not responded, or it is an existing client you can use the Resend Request button to resend the opt-in message or send a Marketing SMS opt-in campaign. Please be mindful of the SMS Marketing compliance regulations. Learn more here.
  5. Next, go to the Campaigns tab and then select “Text Message”. Here you can use information from an existing email template or create your own. 6450733-6a3083bf89990644bd4e68154e572b15.png
  6. After making the necessary adjustments to your campaign, click on the "Next Select Recipients" button 6450833-6d95d0b67bc0a7de3a304c4f4c3857b3.png
  7. By default, MyTime will automatically select the clients who have a mobile phone number on file and have opted in to receive SMS marketing campaigns. If a client has not opted in, they will not appear in the recipient list. Once satisfied with your recipient list, click on the Send button. 6450929-58f91d2001ee0fc32768812306f8303b.png
  8. On the Campaigns Sent tab under the Sent Text Message Campaigns section, you will be able to view all SMS Campaigns that were sent. 6451014-f29e693b54b9e8a57d30edc590f32793.png

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